The ownapply platform enables users – such as journalists and photographers – to build multimedia and visually captivating packages of content

“We’ve got to stop thinking of ourselves as photographers. We’re publishers.”
— photojournalist John Stanmeyer









Subcompact publishing is a great way to engage, inform and inspire readers

At this point in the evolution of digital experiences, people are wary of flashy websites and apps. They just want something that works, that delivers the content and functionality they need without frills, with minimal complexity. Smartly, elegantly and beautifully, without excess or complication.

The Ownapply compact publishing tool is now introduced to you in Beta. Compact publishing has been defined as a method of digitally publishing focused HTML-based content, in small issues, simple user-interface, navigation and primarily via mobile devices and a uncomplicated user experience.

If you are an independent content creator and looking for new market opportunities,why not be part of the group that shakes things up?

Over the past 18 years I personally have witnessed the most profound changes in photojournalism. Only one thing never seemed to change. The independent creative professional’s dependency on those in power: publishers, agencies, photo- and chief editors and so on. Professionals photographers and editors are beginning to see the potential of publishing in the hyperconnected global society by looking at the music and travel Industry where the intermediary is rapidly disappearing. It is crucial to actively develop our potential within new business models. For independent visual creative professionals, it means we have to work online and unite. Powerful online empowerment tools are not a utopia.

Juan Vrijdag, photographer, picture editor and founder 



Ownapply is an easy and intuitive online production system which unifies independent photographers, videographers, writers, reporters, graphic- and sound artists to (collaboratively) create interactive experiences for consumers, newsrooms and businesses seeking informative multimedia presentations. 

Create and publish content for your clients

Documentary, Photojournalism, Reportage, Products, Tutorials, Newsletters, Exclusive blogging, Business presentations, Weddings, Real estate, Online flyers, Additional with print, Commercial marketing, Educational, Complementary with exhibitions, Real time reporting, Portfolio, Crowed Sourcing..............

Supported by the Dutch photojournalistsunion NVF

The NVF considers it important to support us and to ensure that photojournalists and NVF members can benefit from innovative products like ownapply that contribute to the democratization of their members.

Ownapply is cheaper, simpler, smaller, and more convenient than most other publishing apps

Optimized for Mobile-publishing. No cruft, all substance. The kind of app that's doing nothing fancy but let you create and apply your own publishing solution with minimal cost with minimal complexity.

Readers are given only a few options

  • Swipe up or down to scroll and read the current article
  • Tap pictures to enlarge
  • Press video and audio buttons
  • Tap the menu button to view the table of contents
  • Switch device between horizontal and vertical 

That's it